D.I.Y painted t-shirt

Have you seen the fabulous things you can do with those bleach pens?  I saw a tutorial and wanted to give it a try.......but it was an epic fail.  Some how the t-shirt I chose was bleach proof, never knew there was such a thing. I painted on the bleach and waited, and waited and waited, 30 minutes later, and there wasn't a mark on it. weird. still weird. I was so bummed and then it came to me.  I had purchased these paint pens for another project, hmmmmm. What did I have to lose?  I looked them up online to see if they would work and it listed fabric as one of the items it could be used for.  So instead of using bleach, I used a white painters pen, and it worked!  What I was most happy about is it didn't leave a thick crusty design all though it probably could if you wanted it to. So below are the steps I took. Sorry the pictures aren't very good, they were an after thought.
Next time I shall do better!

This is the painters pen I used.

1. Spread the t-shirt out, and place a protective layer between the front and the back.  I used packing paper.

2. I then free handed my design.  This is actually the photo I took when I used the bleach pen.  The paint pen went on equally as well, only it didn't sit on top of the fabric like the bleach did.

and the final product.............

I dig it!


  1. This looks great Christina. I love the design you drew, too. Good job as always.

  2. Great job. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Anonymous16.6.17

    You did an incredible job. Great pattern and idea. I would have to draw it first with one of those dressmakers pencils. I once wrapped a lace top I have around one leg of a pair of jeans, then sprayed bleach on it. I now have a matching outfit. The jeans are the negative of the lace top. Get loads of comments on it.

  4. Christina6.8.17

    I think it looks random and neat... If you don't mind,I'd love to try it myself with your design, I love flowers I think it also looks lite and airy... My nieces will love it... Thank-You...

  5. Anonymous6.9.17

    I would LOVE to try your technique. I love what you did!

  6. The shirt may have been all polyester, but usually those heathered-looking colors are at least part cotton, if not all cotton. I've seen them in 50-
    50 of polyester and rayon. Still, I'm amazed too that you got no bleaching action. I'm glad you were able to turn it around and the results are fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Cute idea. I featured it on my fb page. :)


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