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Mum's Day

Today was Mum's Day. The gift I always ask for is time together as a family.  I usually use my days (Mum's Day and birthday) to get my adult kids to do things they won't otherwise do, at least without some pushing.  Those things are going hiking, going to the lake, or going on an adventure.  A couple of years ago I used my birthday to get my family to hike the Manitou Incline in Colorado, that was fun!  Now that my kids have kids of their own, Mum's Day is an even better celebration, but I no longer feel the right to claim our activity, after all I am not the only mum now. After today's fun, I got on facebook and just began to tear up.  I loved seeing everyone's old photo of their mum, or their own photos of when they became a mum.  I was so moved.  I decided to dig out my own photos and have a trip down memory lane. It was then that I decided what my photo would be. 
In the middle of this mess of photos is my all time favorite photo of my own grandmother.  This …

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