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Earlier this month was our youngest granddaughters birthday.  Below is a picture of two of the gifts she received from us.  In a previous post I talked about how it is our tradition to buy them their first pair of Converse since that is what we did that for our own kids. Miss H got pink ones, and Miss A is getting turquoise. The book is a new tradition.  It is from a company called Wonderbly, and they make these lovely customizable books with your own child as the character.  Our girls got this one called The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name.  After you customize the character in the book based on skin and hair color, then you insert their name.  For each letter of their name you can then choose from a 3-4 options at least in this storyline. You also get to insert a dedication in the front of the book.  It really is a beautiful gift, the story is nice with an impressive vocabulary.  I hope these bless our granddaughters in years to come.  If you are looking for a gift Christmas, baby showers, kids birthdays, this is a great one!  

I didn't spend a lot of time trying to get this photo just right as you may have guessed.  I was just glad to get something that I could post at the time.  Win some, lose some.  This is the first week in a while that I actually got something posted on Sunday night for the following morning, and that is progress! Be sure and check out what Tracie West has been mindful of.  She has been doing a snail mail project, and she hand draws all her stuff.  Her drawings are adorable!  I am hoping to get some other blog posts up, but I keep having to put out fires with our devices.  I let my iPad get so full it had no memory left, and I lost a bunch of stuff.  Then my husband shut the computer down incorrectly and it corrupted some of my Chrome files.  I lost all my book marks, as well as the 100+ tabs I keep open at all times.  😠  On top of that my external hard drive is full and I am not able to save my photos to it.  #First world problems


  1. What great gifts, I so want to peek inside that book! Children's books are a huge weakness of mine. Do you know when I would read aloud to my children I would also insert their name as the main character of whatever book I was reading! I love how the light shines on the shoes and book. I love this post.


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