Day 2 ~Reframing ~ Perspective

on 3.12.10

I want to reframe my perspective of thine self. I am never in any pictures because I can't bare to look at them if I am. What I see in the mirror and what I see in pictures don't match up. If I am in a picture, I have to be making a funny,or goofy face.


christina, this picture is stunning! You look absolutely beautiful. you look the way you do when I look at you, not the way you think you look in pictures. I hope you like this picture of yourself because it's absolutely great:)

by tanya on 3.12.10. #

this is a beautiful shot of yourself- I'm like you, I can't stand to be in pictures, but I sure do love taking them :-)

by Breanna Peterson on 7.12.10. #

Personally, I think you look gorgeous in this! Fun idea with the frame, think I might try it!

by Flyss on 7.12.10. #

What a fun shot!!! you look amazing.

by Kelly G. on 7.12.10. #

Love it!! Beautiful.

by My Photographic Eye by Irela on 7.12.10. #

Can't see why you wouldn't want to see that pretty face in a picture---charming shot, well composed and executed....

by lsquare on 7.12.10. #

After reading a number of these posts, I have the feeling that a lot of us feel the same way! lol This is a beautiful picture!!

by Cheryle on 7.12.10. #

this is awesome! love the idea behind it. the light shimmering behind you is great and you have a wonderful smile!

by BeLoVed AiMeE on 7.12.10. #

very cute! clever idea!

by Jaymi on 7.12.10. #

love this..really wonderful

by Patty on 7.12.10. #

Very Beautiful! Love the frame and the background all sparkly!

by Amy Henderson on 7.12.10. #

Thank you for your generous comments, I really tried to take them to heart! Blessings

by Christina on 10.12.10. #

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