Day 10 ~ Twinkle twinkle

on 12.12.10

I'm a few days behind as I don't have pictures yet for days 8, 9.  Life goes on......I think this photo is one of my favorites!


beautiful colors!

by Freckles & Dimples Photography on 14.12.10. #

Beautiful! I just made a tag as a Christmas card with these same colors...combo of acrylic paint and distress ink, with a little glitter glue here and there!

by Evelyn S. on 14.12.10. #

So soft and pretty!

by SarahinSC on 14.12.10. #

how could have I've missed your blog before. Your work is inspiring!

by Kristy on 14.12.10. #



by Mom to 9 Blessings! on 14.12.10. #

i love the look of this photo blog. mine is similar, but i have much less talent in the picture department. great shots!

by JennaLane on 14.12.10. #

It's official. I love your blog. Your photos rock!

by Inspire. Create. Bake. on 14.12.10. #

Gorgeous! As others have said...I love the colors.

by Jami on 14.12.10. #

So fun! Love it.

by Dianne - Bunny Trails on 14.12.10. #

Wow, that is a gorgeous shot!

I'm doing a giveaway today at You should stop by!

by Shannon on 15.12.10. #

Wow! I can't believe how generous you all were with the comments. Somebody found me inspiring, who knew, I will be smiling for days.

by Christina on 19.12.10. #

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