Days 14, 15, 16, 17.......

on 26.12.10

I'm a little behind, so I'm putting these in one post.

Day 14 ~ Sincerely Yours ~ I love these cards! Remember Christmas = glitter!

Day 15 ~ Got gifts ~ Turning your photos into gift tags! 
Such a cool idea, but I wasn't able to bring it to fruition.  But now I will be set for next year! 

Day 16 ~ Season of lights ~ Bokeh!  I had something else in mind but it was not working...:(

Day 17 ~ Warm glow~ Nothing quite like candle light. We have, I mean I have gotten candle wax in the carpet at every home we have lived in.  My husband is always so pleased, NOT!


re. sincerely yours, I love that card, too. Now if only I'd get one in the mail.

by tanya on 27.12.10. #

It's in the mail, ya, ya, that's the ticket!
But seriously......

by Christina on 29.12.10. #

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