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I posted earlier that I had not taken any pictures for a few months.  I thought it would be a great idea to start a 365/52/12 project to get me back up and going.  I was interested in several projects, and yet I just couldn't get there.  Trying to interpret a word with my camera after being on hiatis just seemed like work, not fun.  What I really want is to focus on my skills via projects, make sense.... I was trying to figure out how I could work that into a 365 type thing.  So what I came up with is this, I have a book called Photo Op, that has 52 projects for image makers, see video below.  I have had this book for a while, and love it, but have not been able to use it much. So my plan is to pick 12 projects and spend a whole month focusing on it.   My goal is to post daily, or at least a few times a week.  Now I'm excited!     

Month 1 ~ Portraits

The Idea ~ Shooting portraits is a really important skill to have as a photographer.

Portraits can be formal or informal, planned, or candid, in focus, or blurred. I would like
to include a variety, as well as trying some different lighting. maybe.

Below is a link to some great articles on portrait photography.

Our best portrait photography tutorials of 2011 ~

Week 1

Catching up ~ Thought I would start with a self portrait. See if I make any progress......

Week 2 ~

I tried experimenting with natural light, but then I decided to try my on camera flash with a piece of paper taped in front of it. It worked pretty good. I really find lighting to be difficult even when going for a candid shot. Arggggg.


Great advice on lighting.  I don't even own a speedlight, let alone these kind of lights!  I will have to experiment with household lamps, or continue with natural light. Hmmmm.

Week 3 ~
Ok, so right about now I am wishing I would have chosen a different project for January. I have only captured pictures of my family, and they are not always cooperative. I like the candidness of the photos, but I also wanted to learn something new. There is still time, so maybe I can bribe someone. It's too cold to go outside, so here is a snap I got of my husband doing his P90X.

My son was trying to work on his science experiment, and I was the annoying fly in the room. I was drawn to his attentivness, or maybe it just made it too tempting not to bug him. {evil laugh}

Week 4 ~

Caught in the act

You know the cliche that a mechanics car is always broken, and a maids house is always a mess. Well for me, a lover of photography, my family never lets me take pictures of them. Here is the response I got when trying to snap a few shots. {sigh}

This photo has inspired me to do more with white.

Is that...........................static electricity?

So this my last post for my 1st months challenge ~ portraits. I feel bummed that I wasn't able to take pictures of a variety of subjects, so I am going to cheat just a tad. Here are some portraits I had taken in the past year for myself as well as for my street blog.

End of month 1

Photo Op 2012 ~ Month 2
Pinhole Photography
Pinhole Photography

The idea ~ Experiment with pinhole photography by going back to the basics and photographing without a lens.

What is pinhole photography? Photos taken with a pinhole camera.

What is a pinhole camera? A pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture – effectively a light-proof box with a small hole in one side. Wikipedia

Here is a great pinhole photo by Katie Cooke. Notice the camera recorded the many expressions,
and positions in a ghost like manner. There is sharpness, and also softness. Katie Cooke states on
her blog that using an empty box with no mechanics or lens, my photography is a slow, quiet conversation between camera and subject. Well put!

You can make your own pinhole camera from a cereal box, or use something more high tech like a laser made pinhole lens cap for a DSLR. The process is both simple and complicated. It is very experimental, and involves some math. Pinhole photography differs because it creates extreme depth of field but yet the photos have a soft, ethereal effect. There are many factors to consider such as pinhole diameter, focal length, film speed, and shooting conditions. Each pinhole camera can be different based on those factors. To estimate exposure, you must know your f-stop. The f-stop of a pinhole camera equals the focal length ( distance from the pinhole to the film) divided by the pinhole diameter, so fl / pd = f-stop. To simplify things I found this calculator online. I can't wait to get started!

Pinhole ~

So I spent my first week trying to figure this whole DSLR pinhole thing out. I didn't remember to bring my tripod, so I had to use the ground. These first photos were really just trying to figure out what it (my lensless camera) was going to do. My ghostly images weren't ghostly enough but I'm learning.

Pinhole ~ week 2

Still trying to work this out. I have tried long exposure and short exposure and I have not seen a big difference. Not happy with my results, so I think I need to change some of the variables. These photos were still part of experimenting just to see what the outcome was going to be, so I wasn't caring about what was in the photo so much.

Pinhole ~ week 3
Here are some of my images for week 3. I'm still getting some of the kinks worked out, but it's getting better and better. I really want more of the photos that record several actions in one photo such as the case in the last photo. I am pleased with these images though. I took them in my bedroom, which only has one window and a dark painted wall which makes the color story in the photos. All photos have a 10 second exposure except the last photo which is 25 seconds.

Month 3 ~ Phoneography

The idea ~ The best camera is the camera you have right now (Chase Jarvis?). How true is that!

Phoneography ~

With the advent of the camera phone, our culture was changed forever. They are small, light weight, and always with us. We can document the mundane moments in our life and share them with the entire world within seconds. Then came the iphone, and suddenly the camera phone became credible. From
mundane moments to amazing captures, the camera phone is capable of both. There is still only so much it can do, so knowing how to produce quality photos is that much more important. Then there are all those amazing apps that make it that much more fun!

I personally do not own an iphone, in fact, in our family of 4, we only have 2 cell phones. My daughter has one, and we have the other one that we share between 3 of us. When I do have it, I usually forget it in the car. I hate talking on the phone, so it really only serves me for very practical reasons. That said I do have another phone that I use only for it's less than stellar camera abilities. It is an AT&T Eternity II with a 2mp camera. I would love an iphone for everything it offers except for the phone, but until I can justify buying even a used one at $300-400, I will have to be content with what I have. If only they would give the ipod the same camera abilities.......

I have found a lot of great phoneography sites, as well as articles and apps. I have already been working on this challenge as I am posting this very late. Some of my favorite apps are instagram, lomob, blender, scratchcam, iris suite, pixlrmatic, phototoaster, and camera bag. Some of my photos are the mundane details of life, and some are taken with specific ideas in mind. You can find me on instagram @ 22limes.

Photo Op 2012 ~ Phoneography Week 1

On the way home......

Part of a montage I am working on....

Mall of America

Cliche, I know....

My daughter was preparing to go overseas for a missions trip. We were all very sad.

Good times....

Goodbyes are never easy.....

The view from our hotel in Hawaii.

Street view from hotel.

Not downtown, just tourist hell.

Waiting for everyone to get going......

Life in LoFi - iPhoneography

This is one of the iphone sites that I really like. They have a lot of great resources, a gallery, as well as articles, and they out alerts for apps that are available for a limited time for free. Be sure and check them out!

Life in LoFi - iPhoneography


Photo Op 2012 ~ Phoneography Week 3 


Inside out

Self portrait ~ reflection

Self Portrait ~ reflection

I just love this one, but then again I love nude trees.

Lovely clouds we're having

Walking, walking, walking, that's all we do.....

Shadows delight

Stay awhile.....

Are you up for a challenge? This one created by Fat Mum Slim is for phoneography as well as any other camera you would like to use. Follow all the prompts or just when you feel like it, I think that's what I like best. Click here for all the details.

You and Me 52

Still looking for inspiration for a daily or weekly shot?  Urban Muser and Anika have created a blog together to represent their mobile photography.  Their diptychs showcase some really great shots!  They have a weekly theme based on the alphabet, and a flickr group for you to play along.  Urban Muser also has a monthly self portrait challenge on her personal blog that is for any kind of photography.

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