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Last week we celebrated Sara's birthday.  I made her a gift basket with items for self care. I found this really great book called Hand Lettering for Relaxation.  It breaks it down into daily or weekly assignments. I included some natural body products and a clean pumpkin candle. We went out to eat, and then finished off the night with some family game time.   It was a fun night.

I didn't get this posted on our usual Monday, in fact I am a week behind.  I am struggling.  This year I started taking care of my granddaughters in the daytime.  It requires that I get up at 6:45 am.  There are those that would say, so......but for me, it changes everything about me. It just does.  I worked day shift at the hospital for 2 years in one department and another year in another department, and I never adapted to it.  My life did not work well during those times.  It just isn't my rhythm.  But I do it.  I am trying to let myself off the hook a bit, to just say it is what it is.  I can't produce the same results that I do when I don't have to get up at the time.  I am not reading my Bible as much, not practicing my other Christian disciplines as much, not being creative as much or at all, not keeping up with housework as much, not eating as well, and certainly not sleeping as well. Just trying to survive really.  That said, I wouldn't change getting to watch my granddaughters for nothing.  It is such a joy, those two are so near and dear to me, that I have moments of tears just cuddling with them. 

I had the idea for this project so that I could incorporate creativity a little more.  I thought maybe having that accountability would keep me from giving up.  I would say it has worked. Tracie is a great partner in these creative adventures. We both have similar struggles, so we are both very supportive.  I hate when I feel like I am letting her down. She has been great to remind me not to be so hard on myself, advice she needs to hear as well. Thank you Tracie!  


  1. first of all...YOU ARE NOT LETTING ME DOWN. Yes, I just shouted at you (lol) this is such a thoughtful gift. Your season is different right now. Show yourself the same grace you would show me or your daughter or anyone else you love for that matter. I have been setting my timer for 5 minutes to sit still im prayer/meditation and while 5 minutes sounds just a little pathetic for prayer time, it's way better than the nothing at all. I always pray what I call popcorn prayers here or there through the day but I found I had been neglecting a nice piece of time to just sit still and pray. The 5 minute timer has been helping so much. It's a start. I don't know Sara but I bet she lvoed this!


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