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This past weekend was miss Abigail's birthday, can you believe it?  I am sad and excited all at the same time. Abigail is a sweet, quirky, and sensitive little girl.  Her smiles are abundant, her quirkiness endearing, and her hair a hint of red. She has not only soft baby skin, but the squishiest as well.  Her plump thighs, back side, feet, hands and rosy cheeks, are to die for. She has for teeth working on her next two.  She walks when she wants to, and has little patience for obstacles. Her favorite word that she only says at a whisper is "yeah".  She laughs when she sneezes, when our kitty or her dog Jax enter the room. She hates loud noises, and startles easily. She likes fruit, ham, and prune juice, but has yet to take a liking to almond milk.  She has an affinity for music and dance. She gives the sweetest kisses and she loves her cousin Harper.  Oh yeah, and she has the bluest eyes. 

These next few years too come will be some of my favorites, I love toddlers.  They are the cutest, sweetest, most honest, cuddly, little persons known to me. I can't wait to bake, cook, create, make art, play in the rain, go sledding, take a hike, swim, read together, explore nature, learn, and whatever else may come up.  All the cliches about being a grandparent are true.  Analyze them as I may, in the end, it is what it is.  My own children I was tough on, I didn't want to spoil them, give them too much junk, monitor this and that etc. With my granddaughters I want to get them whatever their little hearts desire. Truth.  No worries though, I will show some restraint. It's just funny how different your perspective is as a grandparent.  

I love being their nana, they are little drops of heaven for sure!  Lots and lots of birthday blessings to you miss Abigail! We threw her a pink and orange autumn party complete with a smash cake, cookies, cupcakes, apple cider, balloons, pumpkin painting, and of course a tutu. 

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