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I had an idea for this photo, it's just me being lit by the light from the open fridge.  I like it, but it comes across with a kind of dark mood and that really isn't what I was mindful of this week. First off, I cut off all my hair, and that makes me so darn giddy, I can't even contain myself.  What fills other people with trepidation and regret makes me want to jump up and down, while smiling so big! I just love getting my hair cut short, love it! I usually get some form of a pixie, but with long side swept bangs, they are my crutch.  I have always said that when I lose weight and my face thins out, I will get a really short pixie, but this time I decided not to wait another minute.  And I have bleached it and toned it to a white/silver color. And I love it.  Yes my face is big, but it is what it is, right?  I just feel like myself with short hair.  I feel spunky, sassy, maybe even touch sexy. Did I just say that? I feel edgy, artsy, and well just like Christina.  When I visit long hair, I feel like an imposter.  I feel the opposite of everything I have just said. Weird, huh?  I do feel badly because my husband is not a fan of short hair, so that kind of sucks.  But I figure it this way.  He loves sports, and I knew that when I married him.  Why would I marry him knowing that and then expect him to change who he is by expecting him to have nothing to do with sports again?  I should have found a husband that wasn't into sports then. If I took that away from him, who would he be, not the guy I married..........When we were dating, I didn't just have short hair, I had shaved hair. He knew this about me, and it just is who I am. You take that away from me and I am not Christina. 

So not only was I excited about cutting my hair, but I also got to take some of the women I work with to a local secret swimming hole and jump off big rocks called Hippie Hole. They had never been, so it is always a treat when people see it for the first time.  One of the women who went also brought her college age daughter.  She didn't know if she would jump as she had never done it before.  When she saw it and looked down she exclaimed, "it's like I'm jumping off the Empire State Building".  Cracked me up!  It is definitely intimidating from the top, but when you see if from the water, it looks like you are jumping like 4 feet. No matter how many times I have done this, the first time each visit freaks me out.  After the first one, it's all fun. I do prefer there being lots of people there in the water.  This way my chances of being eaten by jaws, or the lake monster diminishes. Yes, I am scared like that. I am afraid of dark water, and then to plunge yourself into the dark water down that reaches the depths of the earth, well what is worse?  So while terrifying, it is also fun! The mother daughter duo both ended up jumping into the abyss.  The daughter was so impressed with her mum, I think she really saw her in a new light. 

I will include a couple of those pictures, but I did not take them. 

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I didn't get permission to post anyone's photo so I will just put this one here.  This is me jumping off the rock. It was soooo COLD!  We have had several cooler days and nights this August and I think that is why.  It took my breath away when I jumped in.

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