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 This past weekend we had our annual lake day so I knew I would be taking a photo of that.  We usually rent a boat, go tubing, cliff jump, swimming, and even paddle boarding.  It is something I look forward to each summer.  I love going to the lake, even if it means sitting on the shore with my toes in the water.  I just love it!  That said, I feel like I have to force fun on my family.  I started using my birthday to get them to do some of the things that I love, like going to the lake.  I mean who needs to be forced into that?  The truth is they have lots of fun. This year my brother and his family came, as well as our friends Kevin and Fay.  This was Harper's second year, and Abigail's first on the boat.  The day started early so by time we were on the boat, it was nap time for them.  It's not the easiest thing bringing such young ones on the boat, but so worth it.  I hope this will continue for years to come!
I did make a decision for next year.  I always have big plans when it comes to feeding the crew on lake day.  This year I marinated t-bone steaks and veggies, made potato salad, corn on the cob, made a fruit bowl, and brownies, not to mention the snacks.  So during our beach time, Dean and I were cooking instead of enjoying time in the water or beach. People offered to help, but I wanted them out there enjoying the water as well.  I get as much if not more enjoyment when others are having fun too.   So as yummy as all that sounds, next year we are having sandwiches, and chips, and more time in the water! I think I will set a reminder for myself on my iPad to start reminding me of this decision starting next summer, yeah yeah, that's the ticket..........

I didn't take any pictures with great intention.  In fact I forgot to purposely take a photo for this project so I was not pleased with my choices.  We didn't take any group photos, and I actually didn't even take any of my grandgirls, what?  Yeah, so this one is of the boat in the distance right near Dakota Point where we cliff jump.  

I already read Tracie West's post for this week.  She has such a way about her, so vulnerable, something I think I lack.  Her words are always so genuine, and from the heart.  She is kind of a hoarder of special things from feathers, to hearts, to strange bits she finds on her walks. Her capture this week is of a collection of simple things, but with so much meaning so be sure to check out her post.  It is always a blessing to be friends with people who share your interest but who also have different strengths than your own. It makes us better, I think.  I want lots of my friend Tracie to rub off on me!


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