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  1. 1.
    an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

  1. I love adventure though I wouldn't call myself an adrenaline junkie, not even close. I don't have a death wish, nor do I like dancing with it.  I do however like to have fun, and find doing certain things fun. We all have our do's and don'ts for instance I would jump out of a plane to skydive, but I will not get on a motorcycle.  See what I mean........

Sometimes just stepping out of your comfort zone which can be hazardous in a personal way, is an adventure in it self. In 2013, I bought a plane ticket and jumped on a plane headed to the PNW to meet several women I met through a self portraiture online class. That was a major step out of my comfort zone, and quite an adventure.  I met amazing creative women, shared great food, tasted the ocean air, shared a bed with a women who I only knew online and only for a few months before (Tracie West).  On the last day of my trip after Tracie headed home, I jumped on a bus and headed for the Art District and spent the rest of my afternoon exploring, it was fabulous but scary.  I returned later than was desirable and almost missed my flight.  Being in a completely new place by myself, no car, using public transportation, not knowing what I was getting myself into was a bit of an adventure inside my already adventure!

Other adventures are much more in line with the definition above.  Those really are my favorite kind. One such adventure I have been looking forward to was going to happen in September.  Mountain Chicks is a group I am in that is for women who hike and love the outdoors.  They planned an escape as they refer to it in Pagosa Springs, CO. It included mt biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, hot springs, workshops and camping.  I didn't necessarily want to go alone, but felt that if that is what was going to happen then I would still do it. 😳  This past week I began doing some things to prepare for my adventure, thus being mindful of what it was going to take physically as well as mentally for this trip.  

I love this wild sticker on my water bottle.  To me it is a reminder to jump in before overthinking, to push unhealthy fear to the side. I am not talking about being irresponsible.  I am talking about pushing yourself beyond that inner voice that holds you back because of insecurities, irrational fears, what if's, etc. I was definitely starting to hear that voice, not enough that I wouldn't go, but enough to start to consume some of my thoughts.  Unfortunately as I was preparing this I got an email that said the adventure had to be cancelled until a later time. I was heartbroken.  We had just received our itinerary only hours before, that really got me pumped!  I hope when it is rescheduled that I am available to go!  

In the mean time, I wonder what my adventure buddy  Tracie West is up to?  Since our first adventure we have had some online adventures together as we join our creative forces for projects!  One day I hope to visit her in her home town and have some more adventures!  Until then.............💓 you Tracie!

Adventure awaits
Go find it.


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