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This is a little project I started over a year ago.  It is a gratitude journal but instead of writing I was drawing the pictures and then using my water colors.  I didn't get too far, only about 6 pages done, and now I have not touched it for almost a year.  Why?  I haven't actually touched any of my creative tools for almost a year.  My life changed in big way when my granddaughters were born.  The changes that followed have really restricted my availability for my creative pursuits.  Now, I wouldn't change getting to spend this time with my girls for anything, but I would love to start fitting it in again!

The truth is, I need to find a way to add some extra income or new income to the mix.  Really I would love to make my living doing something I love, ART.  As long as I was getting to use my brain to create, I would be in heaven.  There are so many things that I love to do, but none that I feel I am amazing at.  I am definitely a jack of all trades and master of none.  I fear selling something, thinking it's not perfect.  I like to sew, and there are several things I think about selling because they are things I want, and can't find. But when someone pays money for something, I feel like they would expect it to be perfect, and I don't sew perfect.....or I just am afraid to jump in, but I need to, I really really need to.  Because I love so many things and con't focus on just one, I start to think my Etsy store would be like a hodge podge of whatever I was making at the time, and that doesn't sound professional.  Uhhhhgggg......what to do?  

Anyways this past week has had me thinking about the fact that I need to just make time to be creative.  Doing something everyday, to improve my skills, my confidence, my belief that God gave me these gifts for a reason and I should use them.  Even to pray about it and let God direct me.  All the praying I do, very little to none is about this area of my life, how sad is that?  

There is a lot more I could say, but I keep finding myself posting this so late at night.  The next morning when I reread it, so many grammar errors or dropped words.....Oh the horror.  

I wonder what has been on Tracie West's mind this past week?  She is a very talented soul, and loves to draw as well. We even have a class we purchased to do together like 2 years ago and we have not done it.  We need to!!!!


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    1. Hello friend. We are very similar you know, all these thoughts of perfection. Just do what you love and keep practicing. That's what I'm trying to tell myself. These journal paintings are WONDERFUL. I keep wanting to do water color on my drawings but I'm (afraid) we need not be afraid. This pep talk is for me and for you! Oh grammar...what's that? LOL I think a variety Etsy sounds like a fantastic idea...a little of this, a little of that...I would be into it. Lots of love over there. I'll try and figure something out. I was having to much fun this weekend and forgot to post....in fact feels like Monday today even though its not.


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