Everyday Elements: Show your skills

So this is a photo that is submitted by Amanda at EE, and then you play with it and submit your edit.  The one in the middle is the original.  I ran PW boost, then I added texture.
Show your Skills at Everyday Elements


  1. Great play!! Love the writing texture! I think my fav is the the one on the right; love the color tones in it.

  2. I like them both! I like how the flowers stand out in the picture on the right but I really like the text that you used on the other one. How fun.

  3. Thanks! I think the added bokeh is my favorite. I had a hard time getting the right texture.

  4. Thanks for stopping at my blog last week! I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here to return the comment.

    I love your second edit with the bokeh. I tried the same thing, it really is the perfect photo for a bokeh texture. Great minds think alike! ;)


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