How'd That Get There?

I found this awesome book called Caffeine For The Creative Mind: 250 exercises to wake up your brain! There are 250 prompts of things to do, some are ubber easy, some are incredible challenging, but all are fun! I purchased a copy of the book as a gift for my best friend, Tanya, who agreed to do these with me even though we don't live in the same state.  The first one we did was easy, document with a camera 10 things in your environment that don't belong where they are.  This is the result of that first assignment. You should be proud Tanya, I finally got it posted!


1.  Strap to Sunday's car seat  2. Vacuum attatchment that won't stay attached
      3. CD to Sunday's book                      4.  Tim's sunglasses            

1.  Tim's ski googles 2. Little part to Sunday's jeep 
                     3. Hat    4. Hat #2                                        

1.  Spices kept out of Toby's reach            2.  Little paper clip thing             

1.  Hat that I never can find before my game    2.  Blistex, don't leave home without it.  3.  Fell behind the chair and took forever to find   4. Wallet                                                   

1. Scissors, never where you need them      2.  Garden shoes   3. MP3 player   4. My flip flops                                   

1.  Bramm's mowing shoes left outdoors   2.  Cool CD I found at the Wilson summer festival


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