Dream House

I love post modern architecture.  I love being up high.  I hate being at ground level. I love windows, lots and lots of windows, walls of windows, the bigger the better. I love outdoor living.  I love dark wood.  I hate oak (except in nature).  I love modern, and urban with a tropical flavor, think Bali.

Reality is I live in the mid-west, where people have basements, vinyl siding,  one window in each room, and loads of oak laminate flooring.  New homes often look just like the typical kid drawn house with a peaked roof, a front door, and a window on each side.   Some of the homes that go up here leave me stumped as to who would pay so much money to get a degree and then be so lacking in passion about their craft.  There are those that design custom homes, and there are those that design for you average neighborhood.  My question is why does your average neighborhood have to be so boring?

So here are some photos of what my dream house looks like....almost.  The first one I love but it misses the mark because, well there is a ground floor.  The last one is perfecto because it has 2 upper levels and you could use the ground floor like a pass through, garage, skate room, etc.  A house on stilts...yes please.

The Glass Loggia House by Allen Jack and Cottier

My dream house, it absolutely takes my breath away ~ swoon.   
 35th Street House by Lazar Design/Build


  1. tanya9.2.12

    Swoon is right! Can you imagine living in a place where portions of your house could be outside? And those amazing curtains!! Oh! PARAdise. Seriously, I think Heaven has got to be that way. And yes I know it won't matter, but . . .oh the thought. aaahhh


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