Photo Op 2012 ~ Month 3 Phoneography

The idea ~ The best camera is the camera you have right now (Chase Jarvis?).  How true is that!

Phoneography ~

With the advent of the camera phone, our culture was changed forever.  They are small, light weight, and always with us.  We can document the mundane moments in our life and share them with the entire world within seconds.  Then came the iphone, and suddenly the camera phone became credible.  From
mundane moments to amazing captures, the camera phone is capable of both. There is still only so much it can do, so knowing how to produce quality photos is that much more important.  Then there are all those amazing apps that make it that much more fun!

I personally do not own an iphone, in fact, in our family of 4, we only have 2 cell phones. My daughter has one, and we have the other one that we share between 3 of us.  When I do have it, I usually forget it in the car.  I hate talking on the phone, so it really only serves me for very practical reasons.  That said I do have another phone that I use only for it's less than stellar camera abilities.  It is an AT&T Eternity II with a 2mp camera.  I would love an iphone for everything it offers except for the phone, but until I can justify buying even a used one at $300-400, I will have to be content with what I have.  If only they would give the ipod the same camera abilities.......

I have found a lot of great phoneography sites, as well as articles and apps.  I have already been working on this challenge as I am posting this very late.  Some of my favorite apps are instagram, lomob, blender, scratchcam, iris suite, pixlrmatic, phototoaster, and camera bag.   Some of my photos are the mundane details of life, and some are taken with specific ideas in mind.  You can find me on instagram @ 22limes.


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