What I love about autumn

What I love about autumn..........

   brown, yellow, orange and crimson (the only 
   time of the year I like most of these colors)
   the sound of rustling leaves
   crisp air
   scarves, sweaters, long sleeves, boots
   gloomy days
   blowing leaves
   hot chocolate
   the urge to hunker down for a long winters nap
   crackling fires (cliche because it's true, it's all about
   the crackle)
   cinnamin, nutmeg, and cloves
   cozy, cuddly atmostphere
   meandering walks
   the pause of it all
   Each season sparks a mood in me, Autumn is 
   definitely the most romantic one.  I know this
   sounds more like a singles ad, but it is from my
   heart..  I swell with joy,  it produces in my such a
   giddy mood, that I feel like I might burst!


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