Getting Older One Frame at a Time


Things that make you go hmmmmm....... Here is a time-lapse (well sort of ) video of a women aging over the span of the video.  After watching the video, read the article here at Peta Pixel to see how and what they did to make this video.  The film was created by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello and some very skilled friends.
The process of aging is very fascinating to me.  When ever I meet someone who is elderly, I always want to see pictures of them when they were young.  You think of someone who is old as a different person than their younger self, but as I age I realize, I am still the same person under this weathered exterior.  So much so that at times I feel I am an adult in disguise.  Sure we mature, and tweek things here and there, but does our soul really age?  Perhaps that is why aging is so difficult.


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