on 27.6.11

Beautiful and graceful,
 varied and enchanting,
small but approachable,
 butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. 
And everyone deserves a little sunshine. 
 ~Jeffrey Glassberg

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I heart faces sent me!! I LOVE this picture!!!!!! I like the light, the processing and the composition. Everything :) It fits with the theme very well, nice work!!

by Rachel on 27.6.11. #

Oh wow... This is a winner right here. :-)

by Jessica on 27.6.11. #

Great processing! Fun picture!!

by SillyHille on 27.6.11. #

Great! Photo!

by Lisa on 27.6.11. #

very pretty:)

by Debra Heschl Photography on 27.6.11. #

At first I thought the butterfly was a hair clip, not I'm not so sure.

by Teachinfourth on 27.6.11. #

This is gorgeous!!

by Janelle Rushin on 27.6.11. #

Beautiful image! Very whimsical!

by ShutteredDreams Photography on 27.6.11. #

So Soft & Pretty! <3

by Laura Ashley on 27.6.11. #

Thanks everyone for the awesome comments! It's always exciting when someone likes your work. And yes, the butterfly is a real butterfly.

by Christina on 27.6.11. #

This is so pretty. I absolutely and positively love this. Magic!

by Life with Kaishon on 27.6.11. #

So pretty! Great processing.

by The Shades of Pink on 27.6.11. #

Wow! Whimsical AND sweet! Beautiful eyes!

by Cedar on 28.6.11. #

Wow, stunning. Love how the eye stands out.

by Pieces of Sunshine on 28.6.11. #

oh my gosh i LOVE LOVE this!!!! it's just beautiful :) and i love how it matches your blog design :)

by Michelle on 28.6.11. #

Wow, this is absolutely breathtaking!

by ChantaleP on 28.6.11. #

What a gorgeous girl. Great capture of her beauty!

by Susan on 28.6.11. #

I am having trouble posting a comment but had to keep trying. I love this photo. Definitely whimsical and stunning and beautiful and imaginative and......I could go on and on.

Carol @

by Anonymous on 28.6.11. #

this is incredible. calming. beautiful. love the choice of poem, the soft process. love it all. outstanding.

by MommyRachelle on 28.6.11. #

Beautiful eye color - and very nice processing. Great picture!

by Missy on 28.6.11. #

It is so fun to not only see whimsy but a peek into the photographers personality as well. How fun.

by Shanna on 28.6.11. #

You are on my Top 10! Great job meeting the challenge!!

by mandy on 28.6.11. #


by Life-n-Reflection on 28.6.11. #

Luv, luv, luv this shot! It's so warm and summery!

by Elena on 28.6.11. #

beautifully done, whimsical processing, love it.

by audleeenough on 28.6.11. #

WOW! Really gorgeous.

by Iseabail on 30.6.11. #

Beautiful! Amazing eyes! Stopping by to say hi from the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge. I also wanted to invite you to participate in my new photo challenge (there's a fun photo prop prize in store for the winner!). If you're interested you can find it here: http://shutterspeedblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/grand-opening-giveaway-and-our-first.html

:) Jill

by Jill on 5.7.11. #

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