For the love of flowers

on 20.6.11

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.  ~Emma Goldman


Great composition and so soft and dreamy! Lovely!

by Cedar on 20.6.11. #

Beautiful. Lovely quote too. The various bottles add some nice details.

by Pieces of Sunshine on 21.6.11. #

OK...this is great! I've got to learn textures.

Hope you have a great day♥

by Susan on 21.6.11. #

Simply gorgeous!

by Barb on 21.6.11. #

really beautiful...I would totally buy this if I saw it in the stores.

by Uyen on 21.6.11. #

Great shot. I love that quote, too!

by Bunch of Barrons on 21.6.11. #

This is so lovely. You did a fantastic job! The photo is beautiful, but the texture really make it stunning.

by Kim on 21.6.11. #


by lisa d. photography on 21.6.11. #

These are stunning, I your texture work!!

by Life-n-Reflection on 21.6.11. #

Luuuuuv peonies in canning jars!

by Ocean Soul on 21.6.11. #

STUNNING shot! Love the texture & the feeling of this shot! :)

by julie on 21.6.11. #

So lovely! Gorgeous texture work and I like the variety in bottles.

by Lizzi on 21.6.11. #

Great quote and awesome shot! Love the texture you used.

by Elena on 21.6.11. #

Great Picture

by Anonymous on 21.6.11. #

What a beautiful pic!! Just gorgeous!! Love the texture! Stopped by from Sweet Shot Tuesday!

by Tonya on 21.6.11. #

I love the izze drink one it's my favorite

by Victoria on 23.6.11. #

I just love this work. You have a lovely web site.

by Veronica on 23.6.11. #

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