Abandoned houses RoCk!

I love exploring abandoned places!  I'm pretty sure this place was abandoned but not 100% sure, as there were a few things that threw me off.  So I didn't get up too close.  Normally I like this type of picture in b/w, but I was still very interested in the color image also.  I think it's the strong green grass, and the blue sky that kept me revisiting it. 


  1. Tanya14.6.11

    I'm with you, I love looking through old abandoned houses. So many stories to imagine inside. I especially love it if there's a few bits of curtain left blowing in the windows. So easy to imagine all the times it was pulled aside to see someone coming up the walk or working in the yard; or being whipped around furiously right before the window was shut to an oncoming storm. I too, like the color picture more this time. That blue and green and 'weather-worn' white of the house are just beautiful together. Sunday looked at it over my shoulder and said 'Isn't that a pretty picture?' Nice job Chris.


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