Biography of a moment

This is one of those stories that just brings you to tears. I love when couples have so much love for one another. Reminds me of the story about Fred  and the song he wrote about his deceased wife.  This story however doesn't involve music, but a lifetime of photos, documented moments.  I love how the photographer Art Shay says "photos are a biography of a moment".  So true!  So much of the time I try to capture moments of my family, and or the details of our life, much to their dislike.  As a detail oriented person, I want to remember everything but it is just not possible.  Photos capture it all, mood, moments, and details, a biography.  This is one reason why I love Vivian Maier's work.  Her photos are a biography of a time in which I did not yet exist, but still get to enjoy.  This story and his photos encourage me to do what I love even if it seems crazy to some, and annoying to others.  I know a day will come when my family will appreciate what I am trying to accomplish.  The complete story can be found here.



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