A couple of months ago, I asked 2 friends from high school who live in different states if they would be interested in joining me for a fun year long photography collaboration project.  They both said yes!  The idea was since we all live in different places, we would have a weekly theme, using our mobile devices, to contrast the places we live.  We post our weekly theme on Tuesdays, and it has been a lot of fun thus far!  It is always exciting to see how each individual interpreted the theme, as well as the differences in where we live, the flora, the culture, and our lives in general.  Below is the photos from last weeks theme, mornings.  To check out more, click 3 only.  

South Dakota :: California :: Wyoming


  1. Anonymous24.6.14

    promise I'm not stalking you. I'm showing up all over the place. I'm just really, really excited to meet a like minded new friend. Cathy said you and I are the recent adds to the PNW weekend. So I decided to check you out. I LOVE what I see. A fellow California girl! And I love the project you are doing with your two friends. I love working with other creatives.


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