day 16 ~ juxtaposition


  1. the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

  2. i love that word, i love saying that word, and i love that word in action. juxtaposition. it makes me think of that song from the electric company (remember that show), or maybe it's sesame street....o n e   o f   t h e s e    t h i n g s   i s    n o t    l i k e   t h e   o t h e r.............

  3. ok, anyways our assignment this day was to find and photograph juxtaposition. i wish i had spent more time on this prompt, but it has just been a crazy time this past week, and it just didn't happen as i wish.  i tried to be mindful this past week to notice juxtaposition. it didn't happen. one day my husband made a comment how the chocolate mint that we grow in our flower bed was dead all the way down until you get to the base that is buried in the snow. there you can see a few very green leaves, still holding on to life.  perhaps the snow acts as a barrier, protecting it from the hard freeze outside of the snow. and freeze it has.  wrap your brain around that. frozen water, acting as a barrier to protect a plant from the freezing cold air. i knew then i had found my juxtaposition. 

tracie who lives in california had rain yesterday, how's that for juxtaposition.....


  1. Anonymous1.12.14

    I love how different our minds went on this one. Both totally comparing two things side by side but in an entirely different way. That little mint sure is hanging in there. I find it so amazing that you have snow. Having snow for the Christmas season is just like the movies. To me, it's just like the movies. I'm thankful for what I have of course but I have always wondered what it would be like to have a white Christmas? Now I can see through you what it is like.


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