Weekend moments

So here is my third installment of videos I have been making along with Tracie West. This project was based on capturing moments over a weekend in May, actually Mother's Day weekend. I went with random moments, and Tracie West went with the moments that made up her Mother's Day celebration. We were supposed to post this back in May, however I had one issue after another, including today. After making the video originally, I went to open it up and there was nothing. Arhhgggg. Then I had trouble with sound stutters, and uploading it. I am thankful that Tracie didn't give up on me all together.  Don't forget to stop by and visit Tracie's video.  The password is weekend.

Weekend moments from 22 Limes on Vimeo.


  1. Anonymous8.7.16

    I loved it. I for sure can see a style in your videos. A good style! There is such a thoughtfulful process. I often just shoot without thinking. I can tell you shoot with such an entention. You capture the beautiful details. Those gorgeous purple bundles of flowers, AMAZING. I'm goign to watch it again. And the clean house you spotted in my mom's day video was my grandma's that house all the way was her home in the video, any home scene was hers. She is a really great housekeeper as is my mom, and my sister. I'm not sure what happened to me?

  2. Anonymous8.7.16

    sorry for my spelling. But I'm sure you can de-code it.


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