2017 Bucket List


In 2017 I want to: 

Figure out what I am doing with this blog
Update my blog
Make more art
Start using my DSLR again
Do more intentional photography
Shoot with at least two of my vintage camera's
Do a polaroid project
Make money doing something I love
Be a more consistent blogger
Be fluent in spanish
Complete some of the art classes I have purchased
Climb a 14'er with my husband in Colorado
Go somewhere I haven't been (Redwoods)
Visit the ocean
Be able to do a hand stand (I haven't given up Tracie)
Be able to do a lot of push ups
Consistently take my supplements
Make my first quilt
Organize my art room
Waste less food (now that I only cook for two)
Memorize Psalm 27
Memorize the Matthew 5 (only like my 5th attempt)
Read books of the Bible multiple times before moving on
Grow in prayer and boldness
Send scripture on Sundays to family
Keep making films
Visit friends from afar
Finish 2016 projects
Pay off 50% of debt
Call my grandmother more and pray with her
Read a lot of freakin' books ( I am waaaaaay behind)
Find out why I wake up so tired
Log 1017 K or 639 miles walking/hiking

And my word for the year is..................
C    O    M    M    I    T    M    E    N    T



  1. Anonymous4.1.17

    Great bucket list Christina. Top of my list will be to find some time for myself to write a bucket list. Haha... You will achieve all these things. Can't wait to tag along and see. :) Cathie.

  2. In love with this post!! The picture of you is my most favorite!! Gosh you sure get me fired up. I'll need to re-visit the good old handstand myself. Awesome list. You make me want to write one.

  3. Cathie, thank you! I hope you find some time to make your bucket list, and that you blog again soon as well!

  4. Tracie, thank you! We can do it, we are going to conquer that handstand!


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