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I became a nana twice this past year and this is the girl who first made me one.  She is beyond precious and I just love her as well as my other granddaughter!  They have both become my muses. When I had my own children I took lots of pictures but with much less skill, and money.  I actually have 41 rolls of film that I still need to develop from when my kids were little. 😲 I know, I know...one of these days.  When she was born, I put so much pressure on myself to be sure and document every moment I could. My kids are not camera happy individuals like myself, so I want to capture the things I know they will miss in a short time.  Those things that they will begin to forget if it is not captured on celluloid. The problem is even as a nana, time flies, moments are lost, cameras can't be found and sometimes you just want to be all in the moment. What's a nana to do?

Her hair has begun to show possible curls and I really wanted to document that. The top is flat, but the back not so much.  They are really just adorable!  When she gets excited, or has a deep laugh, she scrunches up her face.  How irresistible is that?  Not to mention those two little adorable teeth! Those are the only two she has, and she is over a year old. Can I just say it is a challenge finding table food that a almost toothless child can eat. I didn't capture it on this day, but she also has what we call a Popeye face because she is able to do that side thing with her mouth that Popeye did. Remember him?  

I am so glad that we are doing this project, because even though I am posting this at the last minute, it gets me thinking during the week.  It gets me to pick up my camera and shoot. I am hoping that soon I will start venturing out with my camera now that the weather is warming up.  It's kind of like a piece of thread that is keeping me connected to my creative side through all the business. I wonder what Tracie West was mindful of this week?  I know she set a goal this month to shoot with film. Can't wait to see those images!  


  1. She is stunning! those eyes and the second image has me smiling so big...THOSE TEETH. I love to know we were both last minute this week. Never alone are we? Let's give ourselves a pat on the back, we made it another week.


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