B/W's that didn't get posted....

Well, I really didn't get to take a lot of pictures for my black and white challenge.  I really wanted to get out and take some specific shots and either weather or life got in the way.  I did make it to Pactola once, however I didn't get the shots I hoping for :(  I did learn a lot about processing for black and white and have been putting those skills to work.  It's really a very big subject matter, so I will have to revisit next summer.
Here are some shots, some old, some new that didn't get posted.

This is my best friend Tanya, that was taken about 4 years ago.  I thought making it monotone got rid of the distracting colors, and allowed you to focus on the friendship, I also added noise for effect.

I like hardware, what can I say....

These were taken during a really foggy day.

Stranger shot...

Pactola, loved the sky but I hate pine trees, but I needed something to balance it.



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