on 15.2.11

Can I just say that I am very proud of this image.  The reason ~ this was taken with a plastic camera (not holga) that uses no batteries, has no flash, no special lens, it's just one step up from a pinhole camera made from a cereal box. The reflection was not added, I had to lay on the ground to get it all in.  My husband was informing people around that no I didn't need an ambulance, I was just crazy for pictures :) 


Beautiful capture! Love the reflection and the colors in the last one. :)

by Rachel~Wildflower Photography and a little bit vintage on 15.2.11. #

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that is a beautiful image!

i've been contemplating signing up for a pinhole camera workshop and this may have just sold me on the idea.

by The Coach's Wife on 15.2.11. #

Little wonder that you're proud of this shot Chris; it's really really really nice. The richness of the blacks and grays is so good, and of course the reflection is great too. Really great job.

by Tanya on 16.2.11. #

absolute stunning!

by Kristy on 16.2.11. #

Oh my gosh I love both of them! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

by Lizzi on 18.2.11. #

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