God is in the details

on 26.7.11

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

~ Albert Einstein


Beautiful! The tones are amazing!

by ana.gr on 26.7.11. #

Great shot! :)

by Tina on 26.7.11. #

what creative processing! love this.

by Veronica on 26.7.11. #

This is beautiful! I really love it.

by kimmyskids on 26.7.11. #

Stunning! Loving your blog. Great quotation today, and so true. Happy Tuesday. Nics

by nics cahill on 26.7.11. #

very creative. Is that a gradient filter?

by Life-n-Reflection on 26.7.11. #

Thanks for all your comments! I've tried visiting everyone, but for some reason if you are hosted by blogger, it won't let me leave comments even as a blogger, or open ID, arhhggg!
No I didn't use a gradient filter, I believe it was a texture that gave it that gradient feel.

by 22 limes on 27.7.11. #

That is such a beautiful shot!

by Angela Pea on 28.7.11. #

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