Street Photography

So I have a little secret.....I have a tumblr blog that I haven't made public until now.  It is one of the many genres of photography that I love, street photography.   I discovered how much when I came across the blog of Vivian Maier. I poured over her captures and loved the unscripted nature, and the fact that they captured a different time, and place. If you have never heard of her, be sure and check out her blog, it's really an amazing story.  Then I discovered the work of Matt Stuart, who has amazing timing, and or patience and obviously an eye for the humurous, and ironic. So earlier this spring, I did what any obsessed lover of photography would do, I started another blog.  Maybe after a time, I will just combine it with my regular photoblog, but for now, I wanted it seperate.  Be sure and check it out! 8th street photoblog


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