3 Free Photobooth applications

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post I would love an iphone for no other reason than the camera and it's apps. One of those apps I can't use is photobooth, but thankfully there are some online apps that work great! The first one, Photoboother is my favorite.  It does not actually take your picture, instead you can upload any picture and it will put it in photostrip format with options for frames and color choice.  You can then download the results, email them, or purchase prints.


This is another great one!  It is a webcam app, so it turns your webcam into a photobooth.  It isn't an online app, you download it and use from your own computer.  The app is free, but with a downside.  You can only snap 10 pics a day, and there is a branding in the corner.  If you choose you can upgrade for $19.99 and change all that.  The free version has many options for frames, and filters etc, and things to add to photos post processing.  Lots of fun!

Very similiar to Snap, downloadable, with several options.

Have fun!


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