homeade marshmallows

Martha Stewart is my surrogate mother. Everything I know, I learned from her.   I love the idea of
cooking, but not so much the actual act.  Same with baking, I love the smells that waft through your
house, the memories that you make with your children, and of course the deliciousness that follows,
but I don't love the actual doing.  That's where Martha comes in.  I discovered her when I was about
20 years old.  I was instantly smitten, with everything she did.  It was like magic, as if she read
my mind.  The baking and cooking was really just a bonus.  She took something that I found
boring (baking) and turned it into an art project.  Now I not only baked out of necessity, but also
for the art of it.  Marshmallows are a great example of this.  Who wants artificial square marshmallows when you can have homemade snowflake ones!  Below are 3 recipes for homemade
marshmallows via Martha Stewart.  They make great gifts as well as goodies for your hot chocolate bar. I saw the episode where Martha and Kim Reiner made the chocolate covered marshmallows,
which she also used to make her homemade fudge, recipe here.  I have planned to make this for several years, but have yet to do it.   Maybe I will actually accomplish it this year?  Enjoy!

1. Snowflake Marshmallows     2. Candy Cane Marshmallows  3. Chocolate Covered Marshmallows



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