more pictures, more fun.....

Being apart of the Now YOU :: 52 of YOU community, I am getting to know some great peeps through their pictures and comments.  I have joined two other flickr projects, moderated by two such peeps. One is The Treehouse Club by Vanessa, the other is Mosey + Plod by Sarah.  Both promote the love of nature!  The Treehouse Club is based on 31 monthly prompts, that are the same each month, only your interpretation changes.  Mosey + Plod is based on Sarah's grandmother, who had a wonderful life habit of moseying with her girlfriends, enjoying nature, and friendship for a lifetime.  Sarah came up with the idea of doing something similar only miles apart.  The idea is you take a mosey/plod with your camera and then you share.   For the treehouse club, I think I will do one post at the end of the month of all my photos.  For Mosey + Plod, I will do them as they happen.  So here is my first mosey...... 

mosey + plod
50 degree day sandwiched between much colder days
went for a walk with my son in suburbia
living a nomadic life of sorts, temporarily, nothing to tie us down
had to put on rose colored glasses to find the beauty
remnants of urban sprawl


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