Now YOU :: week 1

These were taken for a workshop I am participating in called Now YOU.  You can read more about it here.  I can't believe I am sharing these, so I am going to do this quickly, then hit publish and let the anxiety begin.  I didn't process these in monochrome, but for this blog post, I thought it tied them together well and actually I really like the results.  Notice I really was avoiding looking at the camera, and if I had to, well it was going to be
silly, or illusive.   All photos were taken with my ipod, and processed with it as well.  Ok, so I am really going to do this, I'm serious, no turning back.  Ok, here I go........on your marks, get set......ok, one, two, three........... and, hmmmm, seriously why,  I mean, what am I...........hhhhhhh. Who really cares. and post.



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