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nowyou is a tribe of creative women that i belong to. we are going on our 3rd year, and it just gets better and better.  we are picking a different cookbook of our own choosing each month to cook from, photograph, and share our successes and failures with.  i am so thrilled to do this. 

the book i chose for january is what katie ate.

  this book is so beautiful, the graphic designer in me fell in love with the font, the mixing of fonts, the lay out, and the amazing photography, and i suppose the recipes aren't bad either.  here are a few examples.

 actually the recipes are out of my scope of practice, but that will be a good stretch for me.   The author of the book (who does both the recipes, and the photography) also has a blog, What Katie Ate, with more beautiful photography. she is from dublin, ireland, but lives in australia.  that might explain why some of the ingredients are foreign to me. anyways i am so excited to get cooking!


  1. Anonymous6.1.15

    You are so super adorable! That cook book is gorgeous!! I love your love of fonts. I love the typewriter script in there. That's cool. My cook book is piece of cake this month. All Easy Peasy stuff.

  2. Yes, that last photo is so cute. I am excited to see what you make out of this book as I have it but have only cooked one thing from it!


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