the new year

A new year,  new beginning, a fresh start, a second chance, a redo, a do over, a do different.  all of this i love. for all these reasons, i love the beginning of a new year. it is one of my most favorite things! love. while there are times that i don't like change, like when a friend moves away, or people you like change jobs, i also embrace change. i crave change.  i will drive miles out of my way to go somewhere i have been many times just to change the scenery. i love/hate change, it just depends.  a new year represents good change to me. i look forward to doing new things. meeting new challenges. looking forward to the new me at the end of that year. and if there is one thing i have learned in all of these years of mine is that we grow, we change, we are similar but not the same. this is one of my favorite new year quotes. 

Be at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbours, and let every New-Year find you a better Man. ~ Benjamin Franklin

one of my biggest downfalls is i want to do everything! now. you could say i am an overachiever, but it is in theory not reality. i can not help myself, years of experience have done nothing to change me in this area. i simply can not help myself. and so this year is no different.  i am taking part in a lot of different things.  i know, i know.  i know all the things you are thinking, but it is what it is. i am an optimist. i can do this. i want to do this.  so here is a list of this projects i am participating in for 2015.  

1. my word :: give ::
    i want to give,  
    give away,
    my money,  my time,
    my thoughts, my ideas,
    my finds,  myself,
    maybe even my secrets. 
    to my God,
    my neighbors, my community,
    my church, my family, my blog, 
    my tribe, myself. 

2. NOWYOUcooks :: NOWYOU is a tribe of creative women that I belong to. we are going on our 3rd year, and it just gets better and better.  we are picking a different cookbook of our own choosing each month to cook from, photograph, and share our successes and failures with.  I am so thrilled to do this. I will do a separate blog post on the book i chose. 

3.  creating time capsules :: i signed up for a year long course of creating time capsules using video and photography.  i have taken the 6 week course, and so i loved the idea of doing a year long course.  and several of the ladies from our tribe are participating as well, making it that much more fun!

4.  shooting with soul :: this is a book that contains 44 thought provoking photography prompts.  I am joining Tracie and possible several others to spend a week on each prompt, sharing on our blogs, and then posting our favorite on a collaboration blog.

5.  losing weight :: well this an ongoing project.  i am hoping to participate in a few different challenges to motivate me. the thing that will bring real change for me is understanding my own metabolism, working with my thyroid, and finding things that work for my body dynamics. 

6.  i have a several classes that i have signed up for either recently or a year ago that i get to work on. several of those are art classes through Jeanne Oliver. love.

7.  speaking of Jeanne Oliver, she has a new class that is free. free. free. called Becoming: the unfolding of you.  if that sounds interesting to you be sure and check it out.  

can i say i also want to blog more, sew more, knit more, do more art, read more, learn more, i could go on and on...... 

oh, the excitement is building, i am off to get busy!


  1. Anonymous2.1.15

    And this is why I love you so much!


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