taking stock

March 2015

March was a very busy month for us.  We were busy purging, and preparing to move. So my list is short and sweet.

Making : wooden industrial shelf unit

Cooking : corndogs

Drinking : too many mt dews, arrrggghh!

Reading: Bella Grace

Wanting: to purge stuff

Playing: words with friends again

Deciding: what to get rid of

Wishing: for spring something fierce

Enjoying: the unusually beautiful weather

Liking: selling stuff on fb, it's fast and way better than a garage sell

Hoping: the early lilac buds don't freeze 

Needing: signs of spring

Smelling: paint, since we have to repaint our house back to white

Wearing: light bulb shirt

Noticing: signs of spring are showing up a tad early

Sorting: through all our stuff, and purging, feels good

Buying: new polaroid circle film

Snacking: on dried strawberries and pineapple chips which are crunchier than dried pineapple

Wishing: I could wear dresses


  1. I'm loving Bella Grace so very much. I have all three issues and every so often I pull one down and read a bit here or there. It's the best magazine ever. Why don't you wear a dress? Just wondering....still too cold? I love when we take stock. I'm happy you introduced it to me.

  2. Not sure if my comment worked. But just in case I too am purging and trying to de-clutter. It's hard and I find it difficult to part with things. Pretty sure I'm a hoarder. I too don't wear dresses but would love to and I just googled circle Polaroid film, oh my gosh, it looks so great. I'm definitely going to get some. :)


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