summer manifesto 2015

I love the idea of a summer manifesto.  I have done them before, but never posted it on my blog, usually I just write it on our chalkboard wall. It is a great way of not letting the summer slip away!  So here we go.

1.  go camping

2.  make 4 different new to us pies

3.  drink homemade lemonade often

4.  get through my summer reading list

5.  spend mornings with tea and reading on

     the balcony

6.  try juicing

7.  go to a drive-in movie

8.  make video recording one second a day

9.  take evening walks

10. take art class

11. print out my 40 + rolls of film

12. practice doodling and drawing

13. visit Tanya in Wyoming

14. watch the sunrise with my family

15. visit the ocean ~ we live in the mid-west

    but I had to add it in hopes of....

16. visit junk store in Belle Fourche

17. just be

18. try something new

19. eat at the local lunch truck

20. visit the farmers market often

21. sit under a tree and read

22. go paddle boarding

23. make homemade pizza

24. wear skirts and dresses often

25. find / enjoy silence

26. revisit my memorization of the beatitudes

27. empty the garage of stuff

28. unplug 

29. get my photo mojo back

30. use my polaroid

31. maybe, just maybe jump from the rock
      that is much higher than my comfort 
32. visit hippie hole

33. go to devils bathtub

34. try to not add anything else to this list
      after I post it


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