taking stock

June :: 2015

Made: a stamped t-shirt with the NowYOU logo thanks to some amazing ladies who made it all possible!

Cooked: many things for Yusei to try
Drank: some green tea

Read: 7 or seven, I am loving it!

Wanted:  to be able to enjoy the outdoors

Played:  monopoly and won!

Decided: I haven't decided yet....irony

Enjoyed: the massive amounts of thunderstorms, lightening, and rain showers, I mean floods we have had
Liked: that the heat finally arrived 

Wondered: if it was a good idea to hang a hammock chair from my rental balcony....oh snap

Loved:  my hammock chair

Pondered: the law of unintended consequences of the Supreme Court decision and what it means to REALLY give ones life away

Started: learning more about stamping 

Watched: many lightening storms light up the sky

Hoped: I would hear some words of wisdom that would shift my perspective

Needed: to play catch up with everything 

Smelled: Paddywax natural candles

Wore: a dress with my jeans

Noticed: the intolerant tone against those with differing opinions on fb after Supreme Court decision

Knew: how this story ends

Admired: Rand Paul

Sorted: my thoughts

Bought: my husband some shirts

Got: to spend time in nature enjoying the many wild flowers with Tanya, and my family

Finally:  started taking stock again

Disliked: that an apartment building not far from here was hit by lightening, what the heck?

Felt: excited to take Yusei to Devils Bathtub

Following:  Jen Hatmaker

Snacked: on too much cheese

Wished: for a better routine

Helped: Yusei understand more english
Discovered: we now have neighbors below us

Scripture Reading: Galations 5 :22-23 
But the fruit of the spirit is love, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control, against such things there is no law.


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