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Well I have not done much on my blog this whole summer except update my summer manifesto occasionally. Trying to get back into a groove, so I thought I would review a book I just finished.  It is called Seven by Jen Hatmaker, and I really enjoyed it.  I love her sense of humor, it reminded a lot of my own, and of my best friend.  Actually I thought if you combined myself and Tanya, you would get Jen Hatmaker. And it must be mentioned, Jen claims to have a big head, like literally.  I confess, I do too.  Of course I wouldn't know this if it weren't for the hat making industry who makes hats that say one size fits all, and I can't even get it around the very top portion of my head. Even when hats say M/L rarely do they fit my head.  It makes for lots of laughing when hat shopping with Tanya, by that I mean she really splits a gut at how ridiculous I look.  She can put on any hat, and it looks fabulous, me, nada. First world problem, right......  So when I read that about Jen, I immediately bonded, us big headed ladies have to stick together! I loved the premise of the book, and closed the last page not only inspired, but also feeling consoled.  I have survivors guilt, why not me guilt, guilt period, some of which is good common sense, but not all.  She gave me a little perspective for seeing it biblically. Jen says : Hear this: I don't think God wants you at war with yourself.  He sent the Prince of peace to soothe those tumultuous waters already.  Self-deprecation is a cruel response to Jesus.  Guilt is not Jesus' medium.  He is battling for global redemption right now; His objective hardly includes huddling in the corner with us, rehashing our shame again.  He finished that discussion on the cross.  Plus, there's no time for that.  Did you hear that, Jesus is not in the medium of guilt.  That is the truth.  I should make a sign to hang in my house that says that.  

I loved hearing about their church and their world view concerning it.  That is so where I am, but not necessarily my church.  I am trying to figure out what I need to do about it, what God would have me do. More guilt. Right now there are Christian refugees that are fighting for their life, and I am glittering stuff for an upcoming wedding, trying to carve out time for art, and happy to get to enjoy more warm weather before the cool weather moves in. It rolls through my head constantly, especially any time I am enjoying myself or feel excited about something. I have heard stories of retired military people going over there to fight along side others, and well as help the refugees,  praise God. 

It was entertaining to read Jen's experience going through the different months.  I related to several of those occasions as well.  The one thing I wasn't in agreement about was her view of environmentalism, had to part ways a little bit there. I plan to explore her resources for companies with a conscience.  I recently found out about the documentary on Netflix called The True Cost that is about the unconscionable things that are happening all for fashion. 

In month seven that covered fasting from stress.  I loved the idea of honoring the hours through prayer pauses, seven to be exact, every day.  This is a practice that goes way back.  I love how it makes stop, and be mindful .   I usually pray through out my day, but I like the fact that there are specific times, with specific purposes based on the hour.  I am going to work on incorporating that to some extent.

So if any of this appeals to you, or you want to join the mutiny against excess, then this book may be for you. It will open your eyes, and support you through the journey. I don't think you will be disappointed.  Here is a link the Jen Hatmaker's website.

I will leave you with a photo of myself taken by Tanya who could barely contain herself long enough to take this picture.  This is a beanie, it's supposed to have stretch, and yet it was so tight around my head that is was distorting my eyes and forehead which is not evident in the photo, but you can see how tight that thing is. It should have a nice slouchy fit.


  1. Anonymous15.9.15

    I was beyond excited to see this!! I love your blog. The image of you had me giggling at my desk. So good to see you here in this space.

    Love your friend


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