creative thursdays

I am currently reading a book called Creative Thursdays.  It is a quick read that talks about the creative process and that which can hold us back. It really has been a freeing book for me to read.  I love creating, designing, making, but I just don't make enough time for it.  I get everything ready for a project and then I procrastinate ever starting it.  I have to clean my house first or do some other chore first, or check my fb, or catch up on emails, get the picture.  I have never understood why I am this way considering how excited I am to do the project to begin with.  I just figured it was a me thing, but according to this book it is actually a very common trait with us creatives. What, there are others like me out there?  Honestly, that felt very freeing to know.  One of the things that she suggests in the book is making art a habit.  She suggests picking one day a week, a month, or whatever works and just creating something.  It doesn't have to be a "project", in fact it is better, if you have issues with starting and or finishing to pick something that can be done in one setting.  Just create, just paint, just draw, just do and then share as a form of accountability. Start with small little canvases, and paint anything that comes to mind.  These are not master pieces, they may not even be your style, or taste, this is just about forming a habit of creating. So I have decided to make Monday's and Wednesday's my creative days.  Monday will be my photography day as I am still trying to get my mojo back, and Wednesday will be my art day.  I am really good at starting things but not necessarily sticking to them.  I always try to do everything, get overwhelmed and over scheduled and in the end I finish nothing.  So just a warning this could end this way as well.  I beat myself up about this always, but I am learning more and more to just say it is what it is.  I can't be afraid to stop doing something that isn't working for me because I will see it as a failure. This is an experiment, I will see how it goes. 


  1. Anonymous16.9.15

    man, I just love how similar our minds think! I think I need to read that darn book too. xo. I look forward to your creative days. I miss your photography.


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