Taking Stock

I got this started at the end of January, and now here I am posting it on February 15th.......which is why it isn't very long.  I need to just do it for doing it sake. 

Taking Stock

Making : my first quilt

Organized : I got all of last years bills and paper organized and stored, threw out a bunch of catalogs and magazines

Sketching : nothing :( 

Cooking : made salisbury steak for the first, it was ehh..... 

Drinking : Izzy, I have not purchased a can/bottle of Mt. Dew since March 2016

Reading: Small Great Things by Jody Piccoult 

Wanting: to cut my hair 

Looking: forward to starting one of my hiking goals, to hike the Centennial trail this year which is 111 miles long!

Health : been doing the fitness challenge for 4 weeks, and have not lost a thing, need to jump back into taking my supplements.

Playing: my record player 

Waiting: for the newest member of our family to arrive

Buying:  Baby stuff 

Memorizing :  Psalm 27


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