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Last weekend we did something we have done many times, and something we have never done.  We went to Colorado, went to the zoo, ate at Snoozes, Rodizio's Grill, went to Ikea, and several other stores, and had a good time.  Been there done that.  And then we bagged our first peak, our first 14'er.  That means the mountain is over 14,000 feet above sea level.  Colorado has 52/58 of them depending on if you are a purist or not.  The rest of the US 14'ers I believe are in Alaska. We prepared by waiting until our 3rd day to hike so that we could acclimate as much as possible to the higher elevations. We had plans to hike both Gray's and then take the Saddle over to Torrey's, and bag a two for one special, but that isn't what happened.  Weather at that elevation is tricky, it storms regularly, as in daily, and there is very little warning.  You are above tree level, so you are the tallest thing when lightening strikes so you do not want to be up that high when that happens.

As we hiked Grays, a ominous cloud hovered over the peak the whole time.  There were people coming down who said don't risk it, and there were people coming down who said it was fine.  We carried on. The problem was I was moving like a snail.  I have issues with anemia.  I thought I had done a good job taking care that I would not be dealing with that when we went hiking but atlas it was not enough.  You see there is 40% less oxygen at that elevation and then with anemia the oxygen you are getting isn't being used properly.  This results in fatigue, dizziness, weakness, lethargy, fainting etc. I felt as though I was just going to close my eyes and be out like a light.  I had no energy and felt very weak and lethargic. I was crushed.  I didn't know how I was going to get up this mountain. I prayed, I told myself one step at a time, I told God I needed him to do this because I couldn't.  It's not like being tired, it's not something you can really suck up.  It's like your body has stopped functioning and is about to come to a stop.  I shed a few silent tears because I was just so frustrated and angry, but I kept moving.  I told my husband, God must be trying to teach you patients, because he had to constantly wait on me. He was a trooper!  It took us 5.5 hours to hike up 4 miles.  I thought that was really bad, but then I saw that 4-5 hrs was the average time, so maybe not soooooo bad. 

I chose this photo because I have been trying to be mindful of the positives from this experience.  The first one being, it's over. :)  The view was amazing, in the end, God got me through, He blessed us with beautiful weather, a great temp for such a strenuous hike, my husband did it with me, I learned even more useful info to help with anemia, and the fact is I did it! I do wish it didn't have to feel so difficult in the way that it did, but now I know what to do better for the next time.  It is difficult when your very capable body shows you that you are not able to control everything about it. There are some things we can get away with for a time, and then there are some things that you just have to take care of properly or else. I experienced my or else. 

This is not the mountain we climbed, it is the view from the mountain we climbed.  I believe the photo was taken only about half way up the mountain as well.  The mountain you see in the middle was just so pretty with that knife like ridge all painted in green!  It reminded me of the Hawaiian mountains. If you look closely you can see the trail that meanders down and then around that seemingly small mountain.  I believe that is is called Kelso Ridge. 

I just was on Tracie's blog so I could link it, and low and behold she already posted this weeks photo!
She received an old claw foot tub from a relative and she put it outside to take baths in under the moonlight.  How cool is that!  She is such a creative, fun, whimsical, free spirit, and I continue to be inspired by her! Be sure and check her out.

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. As age comes on, one source of enjoyment after another is closed, but Nature's sources never fail. 
~John Muir


  1. Let me try once more! I'm stinkin proud of you guys! This was no easy task and you never gave up. The views are awesome. Thank you for sharing your accomplishment.


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