Birds ~ Birds ~ Birds

on 20.9.11

So many birds in Hawaii,
 even they obey
 the traffic


That´s really a sweet shot :) Well done!

by Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life on 20.9.11. #

Nice shot :)

by Anthony Samson on 20.9.11. #

Wow - how did you manage a shot like this! Clever, unique and skilled.

by Seeing Each Day on 20.9.11. #

great shot! that bird's got swagger.

by little macaroon. on 20.9.11. #

Ha! Very cute!

by em on 20.9.11. #

haha Very cute. I love that you got down to the birds level, great point of view! :)

by Missy on 20.9.11. #

Thanks for the great comments everyone! I just found out this photo won at Shutter Sisters OWP. I'm jumping up and down!

by 22 Limes on 20.9.11. #

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