Life is......

on 27.9.11


       Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.


Sweet Shot Tuesdays


Both the picture and the quote. Yes, totally agree.

by on 27.9.11. #

Apt quote and such a lovely simple and cleverly shot photograph.

by Seeing Each Day on 27.9.11. #

So beautiful! I love the texture and tones. LOVE the quote too.. so true.

by Eileen on 27.9.11. #

Great picture. I love the texture.
I love the quote too. I'd never heard it before but I've been thinking the very same thing for quite a while. That's how my blog got it's name.

I found your picture through Sweet Shot Tuesday. Thanks for sharing!

by Margaret on 27.9.11. #

This is beautiful - love the texture work.

by Ashley Sisk on 27.9.11. #

Wow...what a neat shot!

Hope your day is blessed♥

by Susan on 27.9.11. #

Simply lovely. - Wow what a dreamy photo. The texture looks wonderful. - What type of a bird is this? - This is my 1st time participating in the Sweet Shot Tuesday so I hope you'll check out my photo.

by Ida on 27.9.11. #

So did he cross the road? Or was he satisfied with the simple things in life?
Love the composition and the edit. Sweet shot!

by Robin on 27.9.11. #

Thanks for all the love! The bird is called a Cattle Egret and was photographed in Hawaii. I tried to stop by and share the love with all of you, but for some reason I cannot comment on all blogs, even if they are blogger. It doesn't matter if I use open ID or google account. I only seem able to comment if I can use name/url, and that option is not always available. I have to figure out what is going on.....uhggg

by 22 limes on 30.9.11. #

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