day 5 ~ little reminders

Here we are, day 5 in Picture Fall, such a great way to slow down and purposefully enjoy autumn. Our prompt this week has to do with words, reminders, little whispers that speak to us.  The word i chose, did not find me, but it is a word that whispers to me often.  create. do. i don't know why i procrastinate creating, but i do.  i often spend a lot of time preparing, learning, dreaming and then nothing. or maybe a little something but not completely.  i get so excited about creating that i think i get lost. sometimes i want to create but perfection gets in the way. sometimes i want to create but there is fear. i need to stop thinking and start doing. create. do. don't wait. jump in. create. do. 

Tracie West is very attuned to finding hearts and feathers, wonder what word found her?

Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression. ~Isaac Bashevis Singer


  1. Anonymous6.10.14

    Sometimes it's hard/scary to stop thinking and just do - but I'm working on it, too!
    Kate@ did that just happen blog

  2. Anonymous6.10.14

    I love how your word is a word of great action too! Just in the short amount of time I have known you I can tell we both like action, to be busy to have goals. I really love when you write "just do" because even if it's not perfect, or the vision we had in mind, the more we just do the easier it will be. It really is true what t hey say about practice. I also wanted to tell you that you create here in this space, with your gorgeous images and your words. And you did a beautiful job creating this blog.

    Love your friend

  3. Anonymous6.10.14

    P.S. huge fan of stripes and lovin your red converse and that you found the word create on the asphalt.

  4. @ didthatjusthappenblog ~ I agree, though I don't know why that is necessarily because it is so fun and feels so good! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. @Tracie ~ Thank you so much for you kind words, they go straight to my heart!


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