Day 7 ~ after the fall

Today I gather. I scoop. I find what has fallen, and gone unnoticed.  I may not be as big of a collector as Tracie West, but I do collect.  She collects hearts, feathers, grocery carts {insert smile} and other things that tickle her fancy.  I collect  naked tree branches, acorns, leaves, and eggs, beautiful but abandoned.  I have a nest or two that I fill with these little egg treasures.  I envision what I look like when I find these natural wonders: like a dog with a tilted head.   How did the bird get out of the egg without breaking it completely apart, hmmmm.  Yes, today I gather, I find what has fallen. 
                                  The poetry of the earth is never dead. ~John Keats

Don't forget to check out Tracie West.  What has she found. scooped. gathered. 


  1. Anonymous13.10.14

    oh friend, this is stunning. It's beautiful. I love how your mind thinks. How does that bird get out of that egg without it completely breaking to bits? It amazes me when you take the color from a photo how much more impact it can have. Well done.


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