in need of a little inspiration.....

Do you ever just need a little inspiration, a glimpse of hope, a lovely reminder?  I sure do.  Our winter weather has actually been mild for this area, and yet, it has been the hardest winter for me yet.  I think age has something to do with it.  I never seemed to notice before, but in the past few years, winter has become a real test.  Maybe its a phase, a season or maybe it's just time for me to find a warmer place to live. Or maybe I just need to learn to embrace it, and work with it not against it.  Spring, summer, fall, I am busy, busy, busy, living, creating, being, doing, all outdoors. Winter hits, and it is all I can do to leave my house.  Photography, no thank you.  It's not just not wanting to leave, but there is nothing I want to take a photo of.  So why not use this down time to pursue other creative things I love to do.... painting, sewing, sketching, etc.  These are things that take a backseat when I am so inspired to be outdoors, so why not enjoy them now.  Forced creativity = frustration, so work with it not against it. Next winter, I can read my blog post and remind myself of what my new attitude shall be.
Right now I am in the process of moving, and so starting art projects isn't in the very near future, so I figured I would find inspiration in the many amazing photographs of friends, and people who inspire me.  Even on warmer days, when you go outside, everything is brown, and crispy.  I can't wait for the carpets of green, the bluest skies, and all the colors of creation to explode. In the meantime,  these photos put a smile on my face.  The links are below, starting with the largest square as #1. All these photos are favorites, that is how they made the cut, but there is one photo that makes me laugh out loud.  It is the large photo in the middle from Tracie.  It just cracks me up!  The expressions on those masks are hilarious, and then add the yellow bug, and well it is just the best!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
 ~Anne Bradstreet

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  1. Anonymous25.3.15

    You always inspire me. Your cooking lately, your recent films, the music list you recently shared, the books you read! anyways, I found it very interesting that we follow a different crowd. The only familiar photo's were my own and Xanthe...other than that you introduced me to a whole lot of new inspirations.

  2. @tracie, That is exciting to hear, thank you! I actually don't follow a lot of people on Flickr, only the ones from our "circle" for the most part. But I favor photos that inspire me, and that is what I usually pull from.

  3. I meant to comment on this the other day. What a beautiful selection. I recognize a few, but mainly Tracie's and Xanthe's too. I really need to have a look at your films etc and catch up on so much. I have the photo blah's big time. I need some inspiration too. :)


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